Digital empathy

En otros zapatos (In Someone Else’s Shoes)

This virtual experience increases empathy, and it is based on eight groups (people with disabilities, Afro-descendants, migrants, the LGBT community, indigenous people, and women deprived of their freedom, among others). This initiative was launched in July 2015 in partnership with various civil society organizations in Latin America. All stories are based on real cases and manage to take users through a deep empathy experience in which they will have to make decisions, and depending on what they decide, they will access eight possible endings.

“In Someone Else’s Shoes” is an invitation to play a game where you, me, us, our friends, and any inhabitant of this world, can wear someone else’s shoes for a while and live new experiences. This game is about empathy, and seeks to test our ability to perceive or interpret as human beings what others feel or even what they think.

Hopefully, during and after playing the game, you will go out into the street and see other people with new eyes. You will remember that what you have experienced in this short period could represent a whole life for someone else. Then, maybe we will get a better understanding of this diverse and beautiful world.

Here, In Someone Else’s Shoes, we would like to know how many times you have walked in someone else’s shoes and have come to think about the everyday life of other groups of people.

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