certified B company

We are a Certified B Company, this certification is the result of articulating talent, creativity, as well as functional and conscious communication.

It is a recognition that carries great responsibility, challenges today’s organizations to go beyond the business thinking about how to generate a diverse, fair, and inclusive environment where we can all move forward.

In addition, it motivates us to develop products and services with purpose, which impact the lives of many people. That is, to communicate responsibly to leave a positive mark on the world.



To help high-social impact companies and organizations communicate their gender equality, social inclusion and climate mitigation initiatives effectively using functional and conscious marketing strategies.

code of ethics

Our core personal values are fully aligned with the principles we apply in each of our client’s projects.

Our work ethic is based on trustful and transparent relationships. We pledge to handle all the shared information with utmost care and never use it to our advantage. We are also committed to applying the knowledge, skills and experience required in each particular project.
We promote diversity and inclusion. Our suppliers, customers and business partners identify with our behavior and engage in our work culture.

pro bono commitment

We commit to donating 5% of our time to pro bono projects that promote a stronger social impact and mitigate climate change.

work with us

We are committed to promoting diversity and equal opportunities.

Our talent retaining process focuses on the applicant’s capabilities, skills and experience. Our company does not and will not discriminate based on ethnic origin, nationality, gender, age, disability, social status, health condition, religion, immigration status, opinions, sexual orientation, marital status, educational institution, or appearance.

We are committed to contracting suppliers that guarantee gender equity 50% women and 50% men.

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